Angelcare AC401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Baby Monitor Review


Ac401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is the best baby monitor that has been introduced in the market for about 15 years, which has proven and tested its worthiness that brings satisfaction to every parent with little children at home. It is commonly shared by working parents and even those who are staying at home, that they feel exhausted. Thus, this awesome product will help parents in helping them take care of their little children like angels at home guarding little ones while the parents are busy doing some household chores.

Moreover, parents will have time to rest their minds and body while spending time in taking care of their children at home. So, this is a reliable product that gives comfort to parents because it watches over their baby.


It was described as the best of the best because of its worthiness, price, and durability. This is the reason why it was chosen as the best editor’s choice award for the review of the overall 20 baby monitor products. The reports were the detailed test of each monitor, comparing details test on a range, open field range, indoor range, clarity, and interference. But Angelcare is the top performing baby monitor in terms of range that has a sound clarity which is crystal clear. When the baby is ready to go down for a sleep all the parents do is turn the units on, relax and let angel take care of the rest.


This award-winning baby movement and sound monitoring system are designed with different features that matter to parents including its price.


Dual Portable, Rechargeable, and Lightweight

Parents have endless work even at home. It can be carried from one bedroom to the kitchen, living room or even outside of the house. With Deluxe Movement and Sound Baby Monitor, they can have time to take care of themselves while the baby is taking a nap in her crib.


Out of Range Indicator

Ac401 Deluxe Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is sensitive to a distance to ensure monitoring of the baby’s movement. The range of open field covers, 250 meters/820 ft. while 80 meters/262 ft and 100 meters/328 ft. for indoor. Likewise, if the parent unit is out of range, it will notify that parent and nursery unit are no longer communicating.


Clear Transmission

To reassure that the device is fully functional the unit will create a ticking sound. The absence of the ticking sound denotes that something is wrong. The system of this product operates in the 927-frequency band to detect baby’s movement accurately.




Full Color Digital Display

The most advanced model digital functions to make it easy to program everything from movement and sound to room temperature settings and more. It has full-color digital LCD screen to allow parents check and monitor the room temperature including the sound and light by glancing conveniently on the display screen without disturbing the baby.


Low Battery Indicator

Like every cell phone, this device will notify on the screen if it is time to recharge. For instance, if the baby unit is off it will alert the parent unit. By following the command of this indicator, you can prevent your battery from being damaged. Batteries which are frequently drained are exhausted resulting for their lifespan to become shorted.


Hears Sounds Like Music

On the other hand, if the baby cries and wants mommy’s or daddy’s lift this product will clearly notify the parent unit because its range is superb. It has also had selectable channels. Likewise, it can pick up sounds even the softest noise, thus, it will vibrate once the baby stops breathing, which even can even save lives because of its detection feature.


Audio Tick

Users also of this product have an option to use audio tick or without an audio tick to reassure that the device is fully functional and the unit will create a ticking sound too closely monitor baby’s movement and breathing.


Volume Control and Vibration Alert

Helpful for the adjustment of sound levels and monitor the baby even if the sound is off without disturbing others, especially if the baby is crying in the middle of the night. The parent unit has an option to mute the volume, but then the parent can still see on the screen if the baby is still crying or just mumbling or groaning.


Important Notes:


How to Use the Product?


  1. Installation of Sensor Pad and Nursery Unit

In order to ensure monitoring of baby’s movement, there is a proper placement of sensor pad. Place a quarter inch or 6 mm thick hardboard under the crib mattress. Also, the sensor pad should lie on top of the board and should face up below where the baby sleeps and the size should be larger than the sensor pad. Moreover, run the power cord under the crib. For baby’s safety, it should be out of reach of the child.

In case of power failure, parents can insert back-up triple-A batteries in the nursery unit. Connect power adaptor cord and the sensor pad cord. Plug it after into a nearby electrical outlet. Moreover, the nursery unit should be at 15 inches or 38 centimeters from the crib at all times. Do not forget to turn on both nursery unit and the fully charged parents unit which can be programmed to various settings.


  1. Testing the Monitor

After setting up the sensor pad the nursery unit and program the parent’s unit are ready to place the baby in the crib. Once, the baby is comfortably positioned. If necessary, parents may choose to adjust the sensitivity using the dial at the back using the nursery unit. It is important to remember to avoid feedback to keep both units, at least 10 feet or at 3 meters apart. Also, to avoid false alarm make sure the baby monitor is the turn-off or to the hold position before removing the baby from the crib.


To further explain its benefit, the sensor pad is placed under the baby’s mattress to sense movement, even the slightest movement can be detected and monitored. Most importantly, parents have shared their experience that alert parents. If there is no movement detected after 15 seconds and alarms the parent unit in 20 seconds after. Also, there is no way that the baby can be electrocuted because the electric cord is placed under the baby’s mattress. On the menu button, it will turn off and on and can select the different features that you want and do just the movement with a ticking sound, with the alarm, the voice feature and all can have three.


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