iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair Review


The iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair makes strolling with your baby a lot more fun and convenient with its revolutionary new design! It combines comfort and safety with an intelligent way to keep your little one entertained. The most notable functionality of the buggy’s design is the media pocket which allows your child to watch their favourite shows on your tablet while in the pushchair. But it doesn’t compromise the stroller’s durability and ease of use. Let us take a look at some of its best features.

Exceptional Comfort for Your Little One

This iSafe buggy is equipped with a 4 position backrest that lets you adjust your child’s seat to make it suitable for their activities. It has a full recline option so they can sleep peacefully which is also perfect for feeding newborns, along with the adjustable footrest allows them to stretch their little thighs. Adjust the seat to an upright position when your little tyke is up and about so they can observe their surroundings along the ride.

The seat has 3 layers of fabric and padding to provide exceptional comfort no matter what your child is doing. This seat will protect them from bumps along the road or rough terrain.

Protects Your Child from All Weather Conditions

The pushchair is designed with an integral hood that offers sunshade protection. It has a large drop down panel to protect your child from harmful UV rays during hot sunny days or use the included rain cover to keep them from getting wet from the rain.

Bond with Baby and Keep Them Entertained

The above-mentioned hood has a built-in Parent View Window at the very top so you can check on your child anytime. It will also allow you to bond with your baby since they will be able to see you as you take them for a stroll. It’s easy to open and close with the Velcro attachment.

On the front of the hood is the unique media pocket where you can set your tablet or smartphone so your child can watch their favourite shows to keep them entertained. Simply slide the tablet or phone inside the pocket while it’s on the viewing app and close it in with the zipper. Your child will be able to watch either while sitting or lying down the buggy. This is a great way to avoid tantrums and keep them from being bored, especially on long travels.


It features a 5-point harness with padded shoulder pads to keep your baby comfortable, safe and securely seated at all times. The harness features an advanced locking mechanism with easy push buttons so it’s a breeze to adjust and remove.

The wheels are lockable to keep the pushchair in place when you need to make a stop. It has a simple lever that you can step on with one foot to lock and unlock, and you’re ready to go.

A Breeze to Maneuver

The iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair is a pleasure to manoeuvre, thanks to its lightweight chassis and swivel wheels. It’s easy to turn and push whenever you get around a sharp corner so you never have to keep pulling and swerving like in lower quality strollers.

Aside from that, the handles have an ergonomic design with comfortable foams so they don’t strain your hands even when you push the buggy for hours.

Durable and Built to Last

A buggy is an investment and the iSafe is a great value for your money because it’s built to last. It is designed with highly durable frames that can withstand heavy use and great quality fabric that will not easily tear even after multiple washing.

If you’re buying a stroller for the first time, this is a great find because it is suitable for newborns and grows with your baby so you can use it for the years ahead.

Easy to Clean and Fold

The seat is fully removable for easy cleaning. Simply detach the seat from the pushchair when it gets dirty and clip it back once it’s been washed.

It features a one-hand folding mechanism so this is perfect for families on the go. It takes a few seconds to collapse the buggy and easily fit it in your trunk.

Lots of Storage

The pushchair includes a large storage basket on the back where you can fit your baby bag and other big items. There is also a pocket at the back of the hood that is easily accessible for smaller items like bottles, wallets, and phones.


The iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair includes a changing bag and a changing mat, as well as head support to keep your baby comfy when sleeping. A footmuff with pouches is also included along with a bumper bar to keep your child safe in case the buggy hits an obstruction.

Stylish Design

Expect to receive lots of compliments with your iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair. It looks quite stylish in a bright plum colour that is attractive both for kids and adults alike. All parts are of high quality and do not look or feel flimsy.

iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair Pros

  • Feels very sturdy and durable
  • Full recline position
  • Cushioned harness and seat for baby’s comfort
  • Large canopy with extra pull out/ drop down panel
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Very easy to push and manoeuvre
  • Parent viewing window and media pocket keeps baby engaged and entertained

iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair Cons

  • Easily runs out of stock because of high demands
  • May not be ideal for air travel but is perfect for everyday use
  • Some parents find the handles facing forward a bit odd but it still offers comfortable steering


The iSafe Media Viewing Buggy Stroller Pushchair has an exceptional design that doesn’t only offer great comfort and safety for your child, but also provides extra convenience both for parents and babies. The unique media pocket comes in very handy to keep boredom at bay. It’s easy to push and a breeze to fold and clean.


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