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features we research in our pushchair strollers

While pushchairs are a better fit for kids than buggies, not every pushchair is okay for your infant. One reason is, some types have no flat backrest.

Observe the next pushchair you come across. Does it have a backrest that one can adjust? Would it be able to totally lie flat for an infant?

One can’t be careful enough. All these and more are questions our field experts ask as they run these products through our special but thorough viability test.

Can I adjust the pushchair stroller’s direction?

Since you have an infant, it would be most appropriate to get him or her looking at you. Doing this helps you keep needed eye contacts with your child. You’ll be reassured he or she is safe and sound.

Our Experts Say: Our hand-picked reversible seat pushchairs give you an option to have your newborn facing you while young, and facing the world when older.

How long will it last?

Some pushchairs are so unreliable, your infant starts getting his/her head bumped into the hood or his/her legs start to drop out of the edges before long.

It’s important to check for reversible seats if your goal is a long lasting pushchair.

Our Experts Say: We get measurements of each pushchair seat. This way, we assess how long a pushchair would last. We compare our results to info provided by manufacturers.

We also examine the shape of seats, padding, backrest to seat angle plus backrest height to determine comfortability and the amount of support your child gets from the pushchair.

Would the pushchair stroller give my infant a hitch-free ride? 

While the temptation to purchase a lightweight stroller exists, give a thought to how comfortable your infant would ride in it. This is of utmost importance during your infant’s first few months – you don’t wanna have him or her jolted around.

You might also want to try a model for all terrains, especially if you intend going off-road. Usually, these strollers possess three wheels that are thick with really good suspension. Your infant is sure to ride smoothly in this.

Our Experts Say: Parent testers go physical, putting all pushchairs through several paces within our carefully developed obstacle course. For every pushchair, they rate the ease of – pushing, folding, steering, adjusting, and carrying their infants. Also, they pass remarks on several other essential or inessential attributes.

  • Obstacles: Parents and the expert’s tour around this course of narrow bends and close ends to observe how fast or briskly the equipment move.
  • Kerbs: The pushchairs are pulled to and fro curbs to simulate an everyday life moving around with a child. It would surprise you the number of pushchairs that find this simple task difficult.
  • Uneven terrains and bumpy surfaces: This course is developed to copy stony, holes filled parking lots and rugged, grassy surfaces. It exposes those models that can’t survive extreme terrains.

Pushchairs get marked down provided they come with unstable fixtures, uneasy handles or perhaps, hard to fold, lift or carry fixtures.

Is there storage?

Being able to drop a shopping bag inside your infant’s stroller might just be the thing you need at times. So, consider storage room. How spacious is it? Just be sure your shopping isn’t difficult to bring out.

Our Experts Say: We move all pushchairs over 150km on an uneven treadmill –  filled with 13kg weight and a whole shopping cart. This implies that they will survive rough surfaces even when filled to the brim.

Does it come with accessories?

While buying a stroller, pay attention to all that ought to be included. For some models, seat and chassis are aren’t together in same sale. Also, hood or rain sheet might not be present in your purchase. For the sake of your budget, don’t forget this.

Our Experts Say: Having pram charm is cool. But since they hang close to your infant, choking hazard should be considered. We advise not using them.

How safe is the pushchair stroller?

Your child’s safety is our priority, we have kids. Our product tests are thorough and highly professional. It is, for instance, important to look closely at straps and brakes.

Our Experts Say: Our conclusions are based on over 27 special reliability tests conducted by our field experts. See few of them below:

  • Safety tests: We carefully look for all choking hazards. We seek out whatever could become traps for your infant’s arms, fingers or his/her legs. A dedicated equipment puts the handlebars’ strength to test by continuously pulling them to and fro 5,000 times.
  • Straps: We swing a dummy infant from the equipment’s strap to ensure it’s firm enough to hold your child safely.
  • Brakes: We pay close attention to a series of qualities. From brakes effectiveness to the possibility of them brushing your legs, or perhaps, entering your path at times you’re walking.

Any other pushchair stroller buying tips?

Give thoughts to early purchases. An expectant mother would, for instance, have her spatial awareness affected as she nears delivery. This might influence how fast she thinks a stroller moves.

Observe the sales. Be attentive to trends. Fashion is dynamic. The previous season’s products would often be cheaper at present.

Seasons. Would you want to have your infant with you at the beach during summer? You would have to consider using the stroller on sand. If you’re thinking of an outing in winter, it is important to consider how good its grip would be on ice.

Our Experts Say:

  • Fastening and ridding your car of seats or carrycots could be a serious pain. You might get chipped nails and bruised fingers. We seek out pushchairs that help make things easy. We also attend to the danger of wrongly fixed adaptors, a most overlooked safety precaution.
  • Some pushchairs won’t fit in a public transport system. We pay careful attention to wheel size, rotating circle, ability to maneuver, even the weight of equipment. We give ratings on this. Fewer stars mean equipment is less friendly with public transport systems.
  • Infants come bearing so much stuff. We mount our pushchair inside the trunk of a regular family vehicle to determine if you might have to struggle to shove it in. We assess how much space is left afterward.
  • Be it sick, be it not, even puréed meals, we know exactly how simple or difficult the pushchair covers would be to get off and change. We’ll tell you exactly what it would take to get your child’s pushchair spanking clean again.

When it comes to choosing the right pushchair for your newborn; the most fanciful, the most luxurious or most popular option might not always work. What always works is, having a trusted expert walk you through your purchases.

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